Studying Remotely





Important Information

All the most up-to-date information about remote learning can be accessed at


Appointments for LLC and SEVE

The University is now using Affluences, an online reservation system for scheduling appointments for the following services on Belval Campus:

  • Student admissions / enrolment

  • Student accommodation

  • Doctoral studies

  • Mobility (incoming exchange students and outgoing students)

  • Luxembourg Learning Centre (first registration for new students and users.

How to make an appointment using Affluences?

  1. Download the Affluences mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.


  2. Log into the app or on the website:


  3. On the University of Luxembourg page, select the desired service and time slot and click on "book".








  4. Book by entering your University email address. You will receive an email to confirm your reservation.


  5. Confirm your reservation from the email you received (only necessary the first time you use the app).

  6. If you need to be supported by several services, you have to book several appointments.


Setting up Webex Meetings

Webex is a tool that helps teams collaborate through video conferencing and screen sharing.

Every student has a license for Webex Meetings. Make sure to use this tool for your remote learning needs.


Step 1: Go to and click on “Sign In”

Step 2: enter your University e-mail address (, where X is a number from 1 to 9)


Step 3: In a new window, log in using your Student ID (10 digits), and your password


You now have access to Webex Meetings!


Step 4: Go to the Downloads section and download a desktop and/or a mobile app for a better remote learning experience.



Joining a Webex meeting - browser


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: a. Enter relevant meeting information (e.g. a meeting number that has been distributed to you via e-mail).

b. Follow the link sent by your professor, enter your name and email address in the following format: (where X is a number from 1 to 9). In case you want to verify your Uni email address, follow this link: Figuring out your E-mail Address.

Step 3. Click join.


Joining a Webex meeting - Webex app

  1. Log in to your Moodle account.

2. Go to the class that you need to attend the meeting.


3. Click on the link that your teacher provided for the class (in our example, the class is called TD Méthodes informatiques) :


4. In case you do not have the Webex application installed, it automatically requests you for downloading and installing it (if you have it installed you can pass this step).


5. After installation, you click the link again on the time that the meeting starts and log in by adding your name and your student email address:


Webex features



During the meeting, these are the basic features you have access to.



  1. Mute and unmute the microphone

  2. Turn the camera on or off

  3. Share the screen of your computer

  4. Record the meeting

  5. See the list of participants

  6. Chat with the other participants

  7. Adjust your speaker, microphone and webcam settings

  8. Leave the meeting

How to take an oral exam through Webex

  1. Go to the link provided by your professor for the personal room.

The personal room is a one on one Webex meeting with your professor.

The link usually looks like this:[Professor’s Name]

2. Since there are many students taking the oral exam, the meeting is locked only for one person at a time. When you connect to the link when another student is being interviewed you are placed in the lobby and the professor will be notified.



3. After the oral exam finished for the person before you, the professor will put you at the meeting after letting the other person leave. Please take note, it is the professor who selects which person will enter the meeting so you should stay in the lobby until you will be allowed by your professor.

How to open a personal hotspot on iOS

  1. Go to Settings and select Mobile Data

2. Then make sure that Mobile Data and Personal Hotspot is open

3. Then go back to Settings and select Personal Hotspot

4. Make sure that you click the Allow others to join button, that way other people can connect to the hotspot. Here you can also change the password of the hotspot.


How to open a personal hotspot on Android

Step 1. Slide down the Notification panel, click on Mobile Hotspot/Access Point and activate it.


Otherwise you can open the settings in the mobile and activate the Hotspot as follows here:

a) Open the settings

b) Click on Mobile Hotspot and Tathering

c) Activate Mobile Hotspot

Make sure that other devices are allowed to connect to your smartphone.


Step 2: Configure your device for your own security.

a) Click the upper right corner and choose Configure Mobile Hotspot


b) Insert the Network name and password through which your computer/laptop can connect to your device




Due to increase in demand globally, there is a large number of connectivity issues as people all over the world are using Webex and that causes heavy traffic to the central server.

There are some solutions you can try but these methods do not guarantee success:

1. Connect to an internet connection via LAN ethernet port and not wireless, as this guarantees you the fastest connection.

2. If you are using the downloaded application on your computer, try to switch by connecting directly from the website of Cisco: