Guichet Etudiant



Important Information:

The Guichet Etudiant (student portal) allows you to:

  • check your schedule
  • print your transcripts in French and English
  • manage your student job contracts
  • update your personal data
  • update your bank account details (for refunds, scholarships, student job salaries)
  • top-up your account printing balance
  • create tickets about issues with your University-provided accommodation

1. Logging in to Guichet Etudiant:

  •     Step 1: Go to Guichet Etudiant
  •     Step 2: To log in, use your Student ID as username and your University account password to connect (see Password section for more details).

2. Topping up Printing Balance:

3. Topping up Restopolis Card Balance:

You need to use your student card to pay in the University restaurants.

You can check your Restopolis balance on Guichet Etudiant ("Student Card" section, the bottom of the page).

There are 2 options to top up your Restopolis balance:

  • Option 1: Directly at the cashier's desk with cash; minimum top-up is 5€.
  • Option 2: Online at Restopolis website using a credit card; minimum top-up is 25€.

Step 1: Go to > "Mon Compte" > "Charger compte"

Step 2: Type "uni\[StudentID]" in the Login field; if done correctly, you will see your name in the field to the right.

Step 3: Choose your preferred payment method and follow the instructions on the following page.

4. Course Schedule:

In order to see the course schedule, time and place of courses:

Log in to Guichet Etudiant > Course Schedule > Program Selection > choose the relevant semester(s)


If you do not see your schedule(s):

  • Case 1 : Make sure you enrolled in courses on Moodle (Refer to the Moodle section for more details)
  • Case 2 : Make sure you choose your study program.

                     Step 1: Go to Guichet Etudiant.

                     Step 2: For log in use StudentID as username and use password to connect (Same credentials, which we used for Moodle login).

                     Step 3: Select My Courses to see the schedule for the classes that you are enrolled in.

                     Step 4: Click on Semester courses to see the courses of your semester.



      Step 5:  After you have selected all the courses your schedule will appear in the following format.


  • Case 3 : If you still can not see your schedule after following the steps above, try these additional steps:

              Step 1: Make sure that you have selected the proper dates.

              Step 2: Refresh the page.





In case you still need further assistance after following all the steps above, you can contact your respective Moodle helpdesk :

  • Faculté de Droit, d Économie et de Finance (FDEF): Marc El Alami
  • Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication (FSTC): Alexandre Lagarmitte
  • Faculté des Lettres, des Sciences Humaines, des Arts et des Sciences de l'Éducation (FLSHASE): Shahed Parnian

In case you cannot see your courses or complete any of the above procedures, contact your study's administrator.

5. Student Employee Contracts:

In order to see the student contracts:

Go to Guichet Etudiant > Contracts > accept or decline your offered contract > check your contract status and expect an email from the HR department.

6. Grades:

In order to find the grades:

Go to Guichet Etudiant > Documents.

Download your transcripts in either French or English by clicking on the respective flags.

You will be notified via email when your transcript is available.

7. Bank Details:

In order to update bank details:

Log in to Guichet Etudiant > Personal Data > Bank information (at the bottom of the page).

8. Reporting issues (Ticket) with University student accommodation:

If you live in the University student accommodation, in order to report any issues you should create a ticket on Guichet Etudiant:

  • Go to the accommodation section in Guichet Etudiant to create a new ticket.
  • Complete this section with all your details.                  


  • The SEVE will send you an email on your university email after the completion of the ticket.


8. Course enrollment:

  • Starting winter semester 2020-2021, students can enroll in courses using the student portal provided by the university. The enrolment will be available generally until two weeks after the start of the courses. The exact enrolment dates are posted on the student portal and can differ from program to program.                                                                                                                 
  • When enrolling to a course, you declare your intent to participate in the entire course and its examination modalities. For example: Participating during classes and writing exams. By default, you are registered for the exam of the course.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Exam registration is handled separately from the course enrolment. Students having or wanting to retake an exam do not have to redo the entire course and can only register for the exams if they wish so. Also, the registration for the exams of the semester before (e.g. summer semester 2021-2022) will be offered in this way.                                                                   
  • The student Registration in Moodle is sometimes also required in order to obtain the course material, however, the Moodle registration is not your course registration anymore. The student does not need to the course enrollement on Moodle. All you have to do is to enroll to courses on Guichet Etudiant. The course and its material will automatically appear on Moodle.

Step 1: Log in to your Guichet Etudiant account.

Step 2: Go to Studies

Step 3: Click the course enrollment

Step 4: Select on which course you want to be enrolled. There are courses that you can directly enroll and others that you need to send a request to. ( To Unenrol you need to click the orange Unenrol button)

Step 5: If you need info about the class click on the Eye icon