Auditeurs Libres

You can find all the information regarding the platforms the Auditeurs Libres need to use during the academic path on this page.



In Moodle, you can register for your courses, course material, and information from the courses you want to register for. In this manual, we will go step by step on how to perform every step.


First steps for receiving your login credentials


Step 1. Fill the formular ⎮Remplir le formulaire ⎮Den Formular einfüllen


Step 2. You will receive a similar email like below with your credentials

Connecting to Moodle


Step 1. Go to


Step 2. Connect via EXTERN LOGIN

 Step.3 Put the Username + Password (via. email confirmation)

You can change the Password (1st login)



Choose Courses on Moodle


Step 1. Click on “Omniversité”


Step 2. Click  ‘Choisissez vos cours


Step 3. You can check the description of the course.






Step 4. Select the small box on the course you want to register for.




Step 5. Save your selection


Step 6. Return on the main page


Step 7. You can find the course on the homepage of Moodle when you log in like in the photo below



Due to the pandemic, the majority of courses are moved online via the Webex app. Below you can find all the information needed to be able to navigate through the platform.

There are two ways the app can be used: by downloading the app (highly recommended) and joining via the browser.

Downloading Webex and Joining the meeting

Step 1. Go to the link provided by the professor on Moodle or by email as below.


Moodle example

Click on the course where you will find the link provided.



E-mail example


Step 2. From here you need to follow all the steps of installation.




Step 3. Click “Authorize” and connect to the sessions using

o Firstname & Lastname (Using real and complete names)

o Email address

o Password in case you have created an account


Using Webex


Step 1. After you clicked on the link provided, you need to mute yourself, turn off the webcam and join the meeting like in the picture below using the green button.




Step 2. Now you are in the meeting there are all the options you can access again in case you need to open the mic or open the webcam.

On 1. You can mute or unmute your microphone.

On 2. You can start or stop your webcam.

On 3. You can quit the meeting.

On 4. You can see the other participants

On 5. You can open the chat to chat with the professor or the other participants

On 6. You can write your message

On 7. You can raise your hand to request to speak

On 8. You can change the view of the meeting



You must: (Unless the professor tells the contrary)

  • Turn off your mic

  • Turn off your camera

  • Write on the Chat in case of questions

  • Raise your hand in case you need to let the professor know that you have a question