Online application procedure

Each admission request has to be done through an online application procedure. Admission requests are not available in paper form.

Before filling in the online application, you first need to choose your program and find out about the prerequisites. You will find more information on the Studies section on the University of Luxembourg website.

Once the application form is filled in, you need to download the requested documents in the system within the required deadline. The University will inform you about the outcome of your application by post or by email. It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time we receive your application. There is no need to call or write to the University before.

The platform application procedure

Keep in mind that the procedure of application consists of two parts which are covered below in a detailed manner! For any inconveniences, please contact the IT Helpdesk for Students ( ).


FIRST PART of the application

  1. Go to the following website:

  2. If you are already a student of the university you can directly login by putting in your existing credentials.

If this is not the case then you need to click on the “First enrolment” tab, so you can create a temporary account for the platform.


3. After this step, you will be asked to select the study program that you wish to follow. Keep in mind that you can apply only for 3 study programs.

4. Then you need to complete all the steps asked regarding the study that you have chosen.


SECOND PART of the application

After you have created your application form by finishing all the steps from the first part, now you need to submit your documents within the required deadline of the specific program that you have chosen.


  1. You can upload all the documents required on the specific spaces asked for the program after clicking on the “Upload documents” tab.


2. You can just drag and drop the documents on their respective fields.

You need to be sure that the documents uploaded are correct as there is no option of removing them from the platform except contacting so it can be done manually. Keep in mind that there are long waiting hours and this method is not recommended!



3. The last step is after you have uploaded all the necessary documents on the fields mentioned above. Now that you are ready to send your application, you just click on the “Send your file” tab and you have successfully completed your application for the specific program.


Checking your application status on the platform

You can always check the status of your application by logging into the platform by the provided credentials mentioned above. After login, you are directed to your homepage and you can see the status on the specific applications. The University will inform you about the outcome of your application by post or by email. It takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the time your application is received.


Good luck with your application!


The account is inactive

If your account is inactive please follow the following steps before contacting SEVE or the ITHDS.

Try the following:

  • In your browser’s address bar, type manually:

    • Please do not select the suggestion for the page from the cache drop-down list

  • Repeat the procedure to reset your password  

    • Please do not forget to use ACME-PENDING for the domain

  • Try to log in again


 If the issue persists, try to follow:

  • Clear your browser’s cache

  • Open a new window in private/incognito mode


If the issue still persists, please try the following:

  • Use a different browser

  • Use a different network (e.g. 4G from your phone)

  • Use a different device


If none of the above instructions doesn’t solve your issue, please contact SEVE ( or IT Helpdesk for Students ( as soon as possible.