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Starting winter semester 2020-2021, students can enroll in courses using the student portal provided by the university. The enrolment will be available generally until two weeks after the start of the courses. The exact enrolment dates are posted on the student portal and can differ from program to program.

When enrolling to a course, you declare your intent to participate in the entire course and its examination modalities. For example: Participating during classes and writing exams. By default, you are registered for the exam of the course.

Exam registration is handled separately from the course enrolment. Students having or wanting to retake an exam do not have to redo the entire course and can only register for the exams if they wish so. Also, resit of the registration for the exams of the semester before (e.g. summer semester 2019-2020) will be offered in this way.

Registration in Moodle is sometimes also required in order to obtain the course material, however, the Moodle registration is not anymore your course registration anymore.

Step 1: Log in to your Guichet Etudiant account.

Step 2: Go to Studies

Step 3: Click the course enrollment